The Wednesday Project

This project will only work if people are willing to:

Spending the time to think about best practices.
Define what makes a best practice.
Develop and present a way to teach others.

Send me an email if you would like to contribute to this project. We will do our best to continue to move forward.

We have established three evolving practice areas.

The first is in the area of research and collaboration to share work principles and to tests applications.

The second is in lectures, panels discussions and group discussion to define best practices and standards.

The third area is in education. Building the framework, recording and documenting the practices so that other can use it.

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Check out some of the videos that were created for the Wednesday Project.


On screen talent is hard to come by so bear with us. Hope the information makes up for the talent.

Summernet is proud to sponser "The Wednesday Project". The Wednesday Project is a research and learning collaboration between web development and internet marketing. Both play an important roll in creating a great user experinece as well as defining business objectives. The goal of the Wednesday Project is to inspire, create, develop, and teach best practices as it applies to internet marketing. It has been established for working professional.

The idea behind the Wednesday Project is to set aside a block of time every Wednesday evening from 7:00pm to 10:00pm and try to answer the question: What are some best practices that a company can adopt to create a valuable internet presents? This is a mixture of web design, internet marketing and management principles.

If you would like more informaion about The Wednesday Project. Please visit the website deicated to the project.

The Wednesday Project

You can always contact us at Summernet. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

In this video Rick and Cayley talk about the goals of the Wednesday Project and why we started this project.