Strategic web management consist of these basic principles.

Which are:

  • Project Management in web site design
    • Discovery
    • Develop web site concept
    • Pre-production
    • Production
    • Post-production
  • Web site operational management
    • Web maintenance
    • Web marketing
    • Web analysis
    • Search engine optimization
    • New development
    • Social media development
    • Intranet support
  • Internet support management
    • Web hosting and domain registration
    • Email account management
    • Website backups
    • Server system checks


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For general questions:

"People Don't Plan To Fail,
They Just Fail To Plan."

Developing a Web Management Services

Developing and maintaining a web strategy requires a different approach one that involves an active management process to monitor the web properties. This concept is much broader than just building a website. It includes marketing and measuring results. Once the website is up how do you make it work for you? This requires an organized plan that can be monitored for business achievements. 

Stratgtic web management is a relatively new approach for most people unless you employ a full time web staff. For most small and mid-sized companies it would not be practicable to hire a in-house web team. Most companies will look to hire a web design firm but may not define what is needed to launch a site that will bring in customers. Most people would probably assume that the graphics web designer should know what is needed. This may not be the case. Most web sites will still need some kind of marketing and SEO plan to attract new users to a website. The website and other web properties should be monitored with analytics to see how effective the marketing materials are working and refined to deliver a higher rates of return. These are all respected work fields on there own and would be alot to ask for from a graphics web designer. 

With most web design projects you are paying to have a web site built and completed within a certain amount of time. This is okay if you don't have any web presents and a great way to start but it shouldn't end there. In a stratgic mind set a website is never finished and is always in a state of adjustment, testing, and improvements. The web project to build and complete a website should be completed as outlined in the scope of work. Once finished the strategic management phase should start. The SEO program should be assessed and various marketing programs should be development to complement the website. In a strategic website construction project the SEO foundation would start along with the websites architecture plan before a single web page is constructed.  

Strategic Web Management is an organized controlled management process that allows the companies web properties to develop and flourish. At the same time analyze what's working and what's not. This decision process guides the direction of growth and keeps an alignment with the company objectives. The old saying "People don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan" is the heart of what web management is all about. Planing and monitoring your web properties can reduce over runs, create a more organized and easier to understand web offerings, and is focused on delivering what the customer is looking for. The website should deliver on customer satisfaction. This maybe the very first impression that a person will receive in the search for your product or service online. 
Our web strategies must have a disciplined approach on web design, analytics, and marketing concepts along with a strong understanding of business practices in order to make solid recommendation to change an element on a web property. The web strategies must also stay current with internet trends and shifts as it pertains to marketing a companies services. Summernet centers itself around strategic web management with the mission to provide premier web strategies.

We hope that this information was able to answer some common question about web management and strategic web solutions and also to help provide some insight in the process of strategic web design and consider this practice to be a better solution in building intelligent web properties. If you would like more information about our services or strategies please feel free to contact us by clicking on this link.

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