Our web maintenance service rate is $50 per hour.

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Try out our web maintenance services. Use our special getting to know us promo rate of $25 per hour and see if we can make a difference on your website. We pride ourselfs with fast, friendly, and strategic web services.

Web maintenance maybe consider secondary and boring work to some firms. We consider this to be one of the most important parts of our evolutionary action plan. This is where unveiling profits goes unseen. Web site assessment and user behavior studies are an important part of determining what's working and what's not. The evolutionary method of making small compounded improvements over time will produce a higher value site. Other areas of web site maintenance includes updating text, photos, and pdf flies. Fresh content is always a good thing. Revision controlling and backing up the site before and after changes are made is a fundamental professional service. Factoring a web site is less known basically because it is normally unseen by the end user but includes reducing load time and redundancy. Another key element in a good web site maintenance program is site optimization during web maintenance. Search engine optimization is defiantly a discipline onto itself but when deployed correctly can be done partly within the web maintenance program reducing cost.

Your website should be running at the same pace as your company. As your company changes so should your website. Website Maintenance is an important part of making sure that your clients and potential clients know the most current news, services, and programs that you are offering. To many people who are finding your service offering for the first time will most likely be through your website. This is a very important first impression. Out of date content could impact that person decision from making the first person to person contact with your company.