Web analytics is the art and science of gathering raw data as a web user travels through the web site and turning it into meaningful information that can be used to create better customer satisfaction, conversions, and company objectives.

Here is a list of service values that we provide.

  • Setup and review of analytics
  • Develop of goals and objectives
  • Marketing and industry research
  • Customer research and profiling
  • Competitor research
  • Interpretation of web statistics
  • Customer surveys and testing
  • Reporting and recommdation
  • Conversion analysis
  • Customer Behavior analysis
  • Web optimization a/b testing

How can we help you?

For general questions:

web analytics los angeles

Web analytics software can provide lots of great information. Figuring out how to decipher the data into usable information is what our analysis focus on. Driving solutions for continues improvement is what matters to us at the end of the day. Web analytics is used as a gauge or benchmark. It's like a bathroom scale. You can weight yourself every day to see how much you weight, but without a goal it's meaningless. Let's say you now have a goal to lose ten pounds. Now this benchmark has a meaning to define success. We believe it's important to develop the company objectives first and then define how the analytics will be used. Once this is define the web site can be modified and check to see how the change effects the benchmark.

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We stay current in the practice of web metrics, reporting and recommendation through an on going effort of reporting to our current client base. This gives us the skill set and ability to drive further into the data to produce information that can change the value of the web site. A web site that can make many small incrementally changes will always excel in value over the web sites that make major revolutionary changes. We also believe that by the nature of our business values we have to adopt a deep understanding in new media technologies. One of our main questions that we feel we must answer is. What is your competitive advantage and how do we promote it? This puts a large amount of work gaining knowledge to support this effort. We are up for the challenge and feel that this is part of building a strong strategic web site. 

Forrester determined that world-class web analytics organizations are not abundant. Enterprises have an opportunity to achieve an  competitive advantage by developing their web analytics strategies and aligning organizational resources now.

We are more engaged to the success of your business objectives then we are in delivering traffic. Traffic increase is good from a marketing point of view. Understanding how to market to qualified customers is a better business objective. We focus on identifying improvements through the use of web analysis information. The information collected from a web analytics program can deliver huge amounts of raw data. It is our job to refine the raw data into usable information that creates a level of value against the web site objectives.

We welcome any questions you may have and encourge you to drop us an email if you unsure about the values of web analytics. We will be happy to take a look at your website and offer our opinions.