Whether you're planning to launch a new web site or redefine your existing web site. Here are some things that you should consider. Understanding the life cycle of a website will help you allocate the right resource to the right project. There are basically seven element to the life cycle of a website.

Which are:

  • Define
  • Structure
  • Design
  • Build
  • Measure
  • Marketing
  • Maintain

We can take a closer look at these element to see how all web services fit into this life cycle.

How can we help you?

For general questions:

Internet marketing covers a wide spectrum of service models from web site, email, mobile, and video. There is an inconsistency of providers offering internet marketing services all at different service levels making it very difficult to compare service to service. Internet marketing in a broad scope is relatively new and internet trending can shift the effectiveness of one campaign to another. At a micro level focused campaign have a consistent track able level.  We do not claim to know all the in's and out's of internet marketing, but it is our guess that we spend more time then the average person trying to figure out avenues of approach as to how a company can apply an internet marketing strategy and be able gauge the effectiveness of a campaign. Each and everyone of our client have different needs when it come to internet marketing. We pride our company on an open relationship in deploying, testing and researching our strategic internet marketing plans with each and every client to fine tune for excellence.   

We have the knowledge and understand the dynamics of internet marketing from concepts to delivery to tracking. We value the lessons learned from traditional marketing and have transferred what works to online marketing. Online marketing has unique values and traits that differ from traditional marketing. Online marketing can have a longer shelf life. It engages the customers when they want it. It offers a level of involvement within the brand. It offers an interactivity exchange response.

We understand how to deliver a great web experience and fully integrate our concept of converting web users into customers. It takes the ability to segment a global web audience and identify people who are looking for your service offerings. In order for effective marketing to work your shout power needs to attract people that don't know you exist. This group of web users need to have some kind of incentive to want to click on your link. Upon arriving at your web site. The web site must be pleasing, attractive, and trustworthy to satisfy the web users securities. Upon entering the site the web user must find value, creditability, and most importantly create a connection fit to how the service offering will work for them. The last and one of the most important part of the web experience is to create action within the web user to contact the company and sign up to receive the benefits of being a customer.

Internet marketing in a broad scope has the potential to reach a global audience. It is relatively inexpensive as compared to traditional advertising. Marketing campaigns can be published to the public instantly and produce immediate results. One advantage of online internet marketing over traditional offline marketing is the volume of information retrieved from the web user experience. The aggregated totals and segments can be analyzed for values of return. Measuring the results of a campaign is also immediate. 

Internet marketing revolves around developing a good marketing concept around a targeted audience, designing the elements needed for an effective campaign, setup and delivery of the advertising message to the targeted audience and measuring results against sales.

It is our goal to deliver a great marketing experience for the potential customers of our clients