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In order to deliver great state of the art web sites. Education plays an important role in delivering a high quality web user engagement. Education needs to be delivered to all levels in the practice, deployment and engagement of the web design services. Summernet's role to an ongoing commitment in delivering education to our staff, to our clients, and to our client's customers is a key factor in establishing a long term success for our company.

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Providing elegant and sophisticated web properties to be proud of.

Summernet is a web design services company with disciplines in custom web design, SEO, and web analytics. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California. We can deliver our personalized services for local companies within the greater Los Angels County and Orange County areas. We are aggressively looking to grow and offer competitive rates and want to build business releations throughout the United States and eventually expand abroad. We are small business enterprise with an ambition to grow through knowledge and the disire to be one of the best in the industy. We are engaged with internet technologies as it applies to "management of web properties" this includes web site design and development, programming, project management, and internet marketing. We are also actively re-investing in our web services and in the knowledge of our staff defining our company standards and best practices.

This company history would have to follow the path of the company owner. Rick started his career path as a mechanical designer. Landing a job drafting in the aerospace industry Rick got infused with the scale of large business organizations. How large companies run across multiple division. Organizations mattered, specialties mattered, service offerings mattered. Wanting to start a business of his own he first partnered with his father who was an owner operator of a small landscape company. Rick organize the company for growth. Investing in micro computers at the time the fax machine was the emerging technology the internet was only being used mostly by researchers. Rick adopted the computers to perform most of the business administrative tasks. Taking the company from a two employee operation to over sixty within five years. During this time the internet was forming into a position where small business were started to use the infrastructure. Rick took an interest in what the internet could offer small companies and started to build a knowledge base. Soon after Rick's father retired from the landscape company Rick sold the majority shares of the company and got a job in a web design company. Having worked their for many years Rick is perusing to build this company to deliver web services with business know how.