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We have created a photo gallery for Groundworks Landscape. The gallery is setup for easy xml updates and can have multiple albums that can support video running within the web server or video embedding. Video can be stored on You Tube and played through this gallery. You can check out the gallery by following
this link:

Groundworks Portfolio Photo Gallery

Groundworks Landscape has started running some half page print ads. We have created some theme ads and have combined them with a special promo offer. The reader must go to the promo offer web page to see the special. This will also help track how well the ad does by collection the data on how many people visit the promo page and request the special. You can check out the ads by following
this link:

Groundworks Print Ad Campaign

The Wednesday Project now has a deicated website for everyone to use. The meetings are starting to form and the people are getting together. We are excited to see how this project develops. You can check out the new site by following this link:

The Wednesday Project

We are pushing to get some content up and setting up some lectures. Keep checking back as we move forward.

Summernet has been approved as a minority owned business enterprise by the Southern California Minority Business Development Council. We are pleased and look forward to working with the corporate members. For more informaion about the Southern California Minority Business Development Council you can visit their website at:

Southern California Minority Business Development Council

Can't wait to start meeting everyone at the events and developing working relation with the corporate members as well as other minority business enterprises.

Summernet will be working with "The Mighty Boba Truck" in developing and designing their web site. The site will be designed around some mobile phone applications. The specialty food truck industry centers around social media to let their patron know where they will be parking their truck. It's almost like having a scavenger hunt to find a mobile resturant. The web site will allow you to map the location of the truck and receive direction on how to get there. You can visit the website at:

The Mighty Boba Truck

The Popcorn Chicken is the bomb. Just the right amount of seasoning. The boba black tea is one of my favorites. Congrats to Luca and Frances on the new venture.