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Web Design, SEO, and Web Analytics in the greater Los Angeles area.

Web Design

Summernet offers custom web design services. Let our creative team help present your company as a professional established company.

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Custom Web Design Solutions

SEO Services

For sucessful searh engine optimization you need to have great content on your web site. Our SEO services offer best practices to help insure your web pages are optimized to perform better in organic search result rankings from the most popluar search engine services.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Web Analytics

Web Analytics tools can track your web users behaviors and can collect alot of data. Let our web analysis decipher the data and turn it into usful informaion for applied business decisions.

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Web Analytics Services

Summernet is an internet property management firm. We are more then a web design services company for hire. We are using the term
"Strategic Web Design" to describe our management philosophy. Strategic web design is the practice of developing and managing web site properties with very specific business objectives. Reaching for more value then having a company web site brochure.

It's all about giving your potential customers a way to find you and giving them directions to good information. Once your web user finds your site you need to deliver the best opportunity to convert them into a valued customer. We want to put some logic into the hype and turn your web site into a business solution. A solution that is accountable for spending and delivering a return on the investment.

With more than 1 trillion web pages on the internet and the number of individual web pages estimated to be growing by several billion pages per day a company needs to plan and take advantage of web technologies and best practices.

A website should always be considered a two way conversation between the company and potential client.

Summernet is a web design firm specializing in strategic web design solutions. Our strategic web services start from first understanding what your company is all about and what goals your company wants to achieve through the use of the internet. We then build a plan to manage and monitor all of your web properties. Build the web site to perform against the company goals. Our core services include creating custom web sites, internet marketing, web analytics, and search engine optimization.

create - market - analyze - optimize

The strategic web cycle is an incremental improvement process making small smart changes over time. We are located in Los Angeles and want to provide personal support companies in greater Los Angeles area.

Strategic web design principles are developed around three core areas:

Web Design

Building the website look and feel. Creating the dynamic programs to deliver better customer satisfaction.

Internet Marketing

Having a marketing plan behind the website. This inclucdes general marketing concepts like Organic SEO, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click, Social Media Relations, and web promotions.

Web Management

Web management covers all the areas in the on going effort in keeping the web site current and changing as the company changes. Web management includes things like Web Analytics, A/B Testing, Web Maintenance, and Web Server upkeep.

Summernet would like to support LA companies with our Web Analytics services. We can visit your company and provide our analytics services not only for your website but for your business as well. We can study workflow process within your company and apply that knowledge into the website. Our analytics services in Los Angeles can go beyond the website as we focus on converting users into customers.

If you are target marketing based on a location this is called geomarketing. Geomarketing is done to focus on a specific customers that live or work in geographic location for instance this article is written with the head line "Web Analytics in Los Angeles". We are targeting peolpe who work or live in the greater Los Angeles area. The benefit is that we are close by to service your needs and have knowledge of this community. It is still an important part of business relations to have the ability to meet face to face. A part of our internal SEO program is to target market geographically people who want web analytics services in Los Angeles. By doing this it also helps increase our ranking power for the search term "Web Analytics in Los Angeles.

If you would like to learn more about our services you can follow this link:

Web Analytics in Los Angeles

What is a smart website?

A smart website goes beyond graphical design and creative web content. In order to have an effective web site. The web site must have business goals defined and monitored for achievements. This creates the foundation for a performance driven web site versus a static brochure. A good web site starts by first understanding the business behind the web site. This begins the strategic design process. Strategic web design pushes beyond the internal workings of the company web site and looks at external areas of market and reach. Gathering good competitor intelligence also helps to establish strong avenues of approach. Understanding user behavior method onsite as well as through search engine optimization (Our SEO Service) will help in delivering more qualified users to the companies web site.

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Elements of Web Design

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