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Web Design

Summernet offers custom web design services. Let our creative team help present your company as a professional established company.

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Custom Web Design Solutions

SEO Services

For sucessful searh engine optimization you need to have great content on your web site. Our SEO services offer best practices to help insure your web pages are optimized to perform better in organic search result rankings from the most popluar search engine services.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Web Analytics

Web Analytics tools can track your web users behaviors and can collect alot of data. Let our web analysis decipher the data and turn it into usful informaion for applied business decisions.

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Web Analytics Services

What is a smart website?

Continued from Creating a Smart Web Site

Summernet's management philosophy of strategic web design takes on a different approach, one that builds on how the web users interacts with the web site (Our Web Analytics Service). The strategic approach monitors how the customers are responding to your business objective through the web site. This is considered by us to be just as important as explaining your sale incentives and the benefits of ownership. The web is a two way conversation where the web user can interact with the web site on their time. The ability for the web user to give and receive information within an automated process should not be taken lightly. We like to embrace the web user trends and study users behavior to make the web portal an easier and friendlier place for them to visit.

Our engagement of services is modeled much like a film production company. We believe that this is more cost effective and allows for highly specialized talent to contribute to the project (Our Web Management Services). There are three film like phases and one analysis and improvement phase.

The Pre-Production Phase
The pre-production phase is where all the planing is done.

The Production Phase
The production phase where all the raw materials are assembled to create the basic web site model.

The Post-Production Phase
The post-production phase where the effects are applied to the web site. Site optimization and A/B testing are employed as well as web site maintenance.

The Web Analytics Phase
In the analysis and improvement phase, unlike the film industry this is where a web site continues to expand for more market share. Studying the performance values and investigating user behaviors over the web is uniquely different from any other types of marketing platforms.

The web is a continually changing space as people develop new technologies and more and more people publish information online. This requires an on going study to filter out the clutter and have your information be found by perspective customers. We believe that this is a evolutionary process versus the revolutionary process. In the revolutionary process you make big changes and monitor spikes. These spikes are very hard to find purpose. In evolutionary work you make lots of small changes that can be compare and studied over time with the goal of trending compounded growth for better results.

In your evaluation for consideration of our services we offer our experience with internet technologies as applied to business services and will review your business objective broadly and will make recommendations in areas we feel can improve performance. Our organizational processes are designed to control the work flow and deliver on schedule and on budget projects. Our integrity to provide professional and respected services are at the top of our list. We want to insure the value of the business services we provide can meet the expectation of your working goals.

Bring us in on the pre-production phase and let our experience help navigate the direction of your internet initiative. As always our first consultation of services is free of charge. We want to make sure that we can provide a great service before you pay any expense.

We have established our companies reputation on delivering smart services that work for our clients.